Sigman 12' x 15' Canvas Drop Cloth 6 OZ

Sigman 12' x 15' Canvas Drop Cloth 6 OZ

Sigman Item# CD061215P8

Sigman 12' x 15' 6 oz Canvas Drop Cloth. 6 oz utility grade are popular with painters. Full panel drops are made from natural cotton canvas. Hems and seams are double stitched. Each drop cloth is shrink wrapped for easy handling. Canvas drop cloths are washable and reusable. Canvas Drop Cloth can be used for many applications. Most popular use is for painter's job site protection from dust and minor paint spray or drops. Protects floors and furnitures from paint drops and sprays. Fabric weight is 6 oz / sq. yard.

  • Quanity / Pack: 8
  • Sigman 6 oz / sq yard Canvas Drop Cloth ideal for light painting projects and for trapping dust and debris
  • Warning: Drop cloth size is cut size. Drop cloth finished size is up to 3% or 6" smaller, whichever larger.
  • Natural off white or beige color. Not-bleached.
  • Warning: This drop cloth may have seams.
  • Drop cloth has no grommets
  • Warning: A canvas drop cloth will NOT stop paint from soaking through as it is made of natural cotton fabric. To protect from paint soaking through and paint spills, please consider Sigman butyl drop cloths and the large selection of Sigman tarps.
  • Warning: This product is construction painters' drop cloth. The canvas fabric is construction grade and is neither garment grade nor art canvas grade. For garment grade canvas, please visit your local garment fabric stores.
  • Warning: This construction painters drop cloth's color or shade is NOT guaranteed. The color may vary from piece to piece. Not recommended for photography backgrounds.

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