Tarps Stocklot Specials

Tarps Stocklot SpecialsFrom time to time, Sigman Tarp has tarp stocklot specials. These tarp stocklots are our current factory warehouse stock items, which Sigman Tarp sell at special discounted prices. Our tarp stocklots are frequently priced by tons or pallets and are huge savings. All tarp stocklots requires immediate full payment and orders cannot be canceled once placed. All of our tarp stocklots are sold as-is, without any warranties and cannot be returned once order is placed.

Out tarp stocklots are normally excess tarp inventory in our factory warehouses. They are not second grade products and they have the same quality as our regular products.

Tarps Stocklot Specials from Our Eastern China Warehouses

Following tarps stocklot specials are available from our factory warehouses in eastern China. Mininum order is one shipping container or approximately 30,000 lbs. Tarps are shipped once full payment is received. Normal approximate delivery time to USA, Canada or Mexico is between 30 to 50 days.

  • Vinyl Tarps - all quality grades and colors of vinyl tarps.
  • Coated vinyl tarps
  • Laminated vinyl tarps
  • PVC or vinyl banner fabrics
  • Banner Tarps - printable banners for outdoor ads and billboards.
  • Other vinyl tarps

Tarps Stocklot Specials from Our Eastern US Warehouses

Following poly tarps stocklot specials are available from our warehouses in eastern US. Mininum order is one shipping pallet. Orders over US$2,000 receive free shipping by ground or freight.

  • blue tarps
  • heavy duty green silver tarps
  • heavy duty silver tarps
  • heavy duty white tarps

Size Charts of Poly Tarps Stocklots.

Blue Tarps Size Chart
5'X7' 10'X14' 12'X20' 14'X16' 20'X30' 30'X50'
6'X8' 10'X15' 12'X22' 15'X20' 20'X35' 30'X60'
8'X10' 10'X16' 12'X24' 15'X25' 20'X40' 40'X40'
8'X12' 10'X18' 12'X25' 15'x30' 24'X36' 40'X50'
8'X15' 10'X20' 12'X28' 16'X20' 24X64' 40'X60'
8'X18' 10'X22' 12'X30' 16'X32' 25'X40' 50'X50'
8'X20' 12'X12' 12'X32' 18'X20' 25'X45' 50'X100'
9'X12' 12'X14' 12'X36' 18'X24' 26'X40' 60'X120'
10'X10' 12'X16' 12'X40' 20'X20' 30'X30' 100'X100'
10'X12' 12'X18' 12'X45' 20'X25' 30'X40'


Heavy Duty Green Silver Tarps Size Chart
6'X8' 10'X20' 12'X25' 20'X20' 25'X40' 40'X40'
8'X10' 12'X12' 15'X20' 20'X25' 30'X30' 40'X60'
9'X12' 12'X14' 15'X25' 20'X30' 30'X40' 50'X100'
10'X10' 12'X16' 15'X30' 20'X35' 30'X50' 100'X100'
10'X12' 12'X20' 16'X20' 20'X40' 30'X60'
10'X15' 12'X22' 18'X24' 24'X50' 30'X70'


Heavy Duty Silver Tarps Size Chart
6'X10' 10'X20' 12'X32' 18'X24' 24'X36' 40'X60'
6'X20' 12'X12' 12'X42' 20'X20' 26'X40' 50'X50'
8'X10' 12'X16' 14'X20' 20'X24' 30'X30' 50'X100'
8'X12' 12'X20' 15'X30' 20'X30' 30'X40'
10'X10' 12'X24' 16'X16' 20'X40' 30'X50'
10'X12' 12'X25' 16'X20' 24'X24' 30'X60'
10'X16' 12'X30' 16'X30' 24'X30' 40'X40'


Heavy Duty White Tarps Size Chart
8'X10' 10'X20' 12'X25' 18'X24' 20'X40' 30'X40'
8'X20' 12'X12' 14'X14' 20'X20' 24'X24'  
10'X10' 12'X16' 15'X20' 20'X25' 24'X30'  
10'X12' 12'X20' 15'X30' 20'X30' 30'X30'  


Please call for details and availability.