Heavy Duty Tarps

  1. What are heavy duty tarps?
  2. What are heavy duty tarps used for?
  3. Heavy Duty Tarps from Sigman Tarp
  4. How do I Order Heavy Duty Tarps from Sigman Tarp?

What are heavy duty tarps?

Heavy Duty Tarp Contents

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Poly Tarp Silver Brown

Heavy Duty Tarp is a type of Poly Tarp. Heavy duty tarps are normally the premium quality poly tarps. As a type of poly tarps, heavy duty tarps have following common characteristics.

  • 6.0+ oz. per square yard fabric weight
  • 1200+ Denier
  • 14×14 weave count.
  • Strong and tear resistant.
  • Flexible.
  • Water resistant or waterproof.
  • Reinforced - ready made blue tarps often have rope reinforcements along the sides and reinforced grommets at the corners and along the sides to form attachment points for rope.
  • U.V. coated - coated with a U.V. protecting coating for protection from sunlight.
  • Arctic flexibility - function well at freezing temperatures.
  • Mildew resistant
  • Note you can specify your own tarp requirements at Sigman Tarp.

What are heavy duty tarps used for?

Heavy Duty Tarp Contents
Heavy duty tarps are used extensively for premium quality covers, waterproofing, insulation and trucking. Some noted uses are listed below.

  • Premium ground, roof and building covers, tents and canopies
  • Heavy duty truck tarps
  • Boat Tarps
  • Hay tarps
  • Lumber tarps
  • Alethtic field covers, baseball tarps, gym floor covers
  • Pool Covers
  • Motorcycle Covers
  • Barbecue Covers
  • Wrapping for large or heavy loads

Heavy Duty Tarps from Sigman Tarp

Sigman Tarp Custom Manufactures all Heavy Duty Tarps

Sigman Tarp custom manufactures all heavy duty tarps according to customer specifications including, weight per square yard, colors, sizes, coating and grommets etc. Sigman Tarp's heavy duty tarps are divided into two major categories: Ready Made Heavy Duty Tarps and Heavy Duty Tarp Rolls.

For information about Sigman Tarp's heavy duty tarp product information, please see Poly Tarps From Sigman Tarp. Just remember heavy duty tarp is a poly tarp of heavier fabric weight and higher weave count. And at Sigman Tarp, you can customize your heavy duty tarp almost anyway you need when you order.

How do I Order Heavy Duty Tarps from Sigman Tarp?

Heavy Duty Tarp Contents Sigman Tarp offers super low prices, great products and great services. To get a price quote, simply call or e-mail us your heavy duty tarp needs.

  • Sigman Tarp's prices are up to 70% lower than retail.
  • Sigman Tarp custom manufactures all heavy duty tarps.
  • Sigman Tarp sells by 20 or 40 foot shipping containers only. An order may have mixed sizes.